Amar Bhaskar

Amar Bhaskar

Inspired by my uncle who pursued photography as a hobby, the urge to try out photography was lingering around till I got the break-through couple of years into my first job. With some hard earned savings I bought my first camera Yasica Electro 35 in 1988 and learnt the basics from my uncle. However the interest remained latent for several years and the usage was limited to taking pictures in family functions and travel. I then upgraded to SLR Yasica Fx3 and was using it to cover family events. I used to take it along with me during my personal or work travel to capture the various places visited. In the year 2006, going through a personal set-back, I badly needed a divertion and engaged in my passionate hobby more seriously than ever before. I added SLR Nikon 401s to my gear. I used this versatile enhanced mechanism to click some wonderful pictures during my stress break vacation trip to Coorg the beautiful hill station with numerous coffee and tea plantations located in the western ghats in India. The results encouraged me to do more!

In the year 2006, along with my very close family friend Murali Santhanam, we took serious initiatives to pursue our common hobby and ventured out together to explore the opportunity to associate ourselves with the photography enthusiasts and other professional photographers. We found our way to Youth Photographic Society, Bangalore and enrolled as members. That move helped us get closer to several eminent photographers who where already members of this association. We began our learning going through their pictures and imbibing their techniques and practices in our photography.

Keeping pace with the technology and to explore the vast possibilities I then switched from film to digital camera. In 2007, I bought my first Digital SLR, Nikon D80 with 105mm macro lens, 18-200mm general purpose, 10-20mm wide angle and 100-300mm tele-lens. I then added Nikon D200 to this to enhance the speed and camera capability and further recently added Nikon D7000 to the list. Equipped with this gear now I spend my weekends traveling and capturing photographs from nature. My main subjects are wildlife animals, birds, butterflies, insects, flowers and ancient architecture. Capturing and watching nature through the lens has been my most thrilling and satisfying experience.

With my small collection CatchLight Moments in Time…, I am sharing a glimpse of the fascinating nature and world around us.

I would like to acknowledge my friends who have been the greatest source of strength and support all through:

I would also like to acknowledge the following professional photographers for inspiring me with their fabulous work they have carried out over many years of dedication and imparting their knowledge which has helped me in my learning journey and improving my skills.

Subjects of my interest

My interests lie in,

  • Wildlife, Birds, Butterflies and Insects
  • Nature Landscapes
  • Monuments & Architecture
  • Memorable Events, Portraits
  • Pictorials & Scenes

My current photographic gear consists of,

  • Camera bodies : Nikon D80 (since 2007), Nikon D7000 (since 2012)
  • Travel Lens : Nikor 18-200mm VR f3.5-5.6
  • Macro Lens : Sigma Macro 105mm f2.8
  • Wild Life Tele Lens : Sigma Tele 100-300mm HSM f4 + Sigma 1.4 TC if needed
  • Broad Canvas : Sigma Wide 10-20mm f4-5.6
  • General Purpose : Sigma 50mm f1.8
  • Flash : SB800 Speedlight
  • Camera Support : Manfrotto 190XPROB (Alluminium) with 3way head & ball head

I had progressed in my journey with Yasica Electro 35, Yasica FX3, Nikon 401s and DSLR Nikon D200.