Winged Wonders

Butterflies have always held a special interest for mankind. It is exciting to watch their beautiful colors as they fly around from one flower to the other. the metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to pupa to butterfly remains one of the most amazing feats of nature. Some butterflies live for less than a week, others long enough to even migrate through to other regions. Butterflies are important pollinating agents.

Butterflies, Moths and other winged insects photography is a very intense hobby and very enriching. The rewarding experience of seeing a butterfly emerge from its pupa shell and spread out its gorgeous wings cannot be described with words. After witnessing the struggle a caterpillar must overcome before finally developing into an awesome inspiring creature, people will only feel deep respect and submission to the wonderful nature surrounding us. These winged insects have lived on our planet for millions of years and have survived in an incredibly diverse range of habitats. They have adopted several survival techniques to avoid becoming prey to so many potential predators.

With my small collection, I have tried to provide a glimpse into the fascinating world of these winged wonders.